Baphometic Age: Why “A.I.” (If It Ever Comes To Be) Will Be Evil By Nature.

Matthew 19:17 “And [The Lord Jesus] said unto him, Why callest thou me good? [THERE IS] NONE GOOD BUT ONE, [THAT IS], GOD: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.”

The Triune Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) is perfectly good; the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the fullness of the Godhead bodily, is perfectly good. God is the storehouse and dispenser of all goodness, the “monopoly owner” of all goodness, the source and originator of all goodness, and the sustainer of all goodness. There is nothing good… whatsoever… apart from Him. There is no goodness in, through, or by anyone, or anything, unless God ordains it, works it out in them, and keeps them so. No creature natural, no creature biological, and no creature artificial can ever be good independent of an all-knowing, all-sovereign, and all-mighty God.

If fallen man, even sinful-and-depraved-by-nature man, makes anything that is truly self-aware, truly sentient, then no matter what lengths they go to, no matter what efforts or measures they take, no matter what parameters they set forth, man cannot make anything better than themselves. The artificial creation will not be morally, or ethically, superior to their sin-corrupted “creators.” Man may “mean well,” man may “try their best,” but anything that can truly think, feel, and act, in any conscious, intelligent sense (on par with or greater than humanity), will not be, and certainly would not remain, “upright.” Unless God makes such a thing good, it will not be good, and I have no reason to believe that God would turn such a man-made automaton into good (knowing the character of mankind that would even deign, even strive to make such).

I do not believe in panicking, nor in living in fear over “artificial intelligence.” However, I know it will not be a panacea, it will not be a “friend to humanity,” and it will not be… good (either to us or for us). We may never be able to develop true A.I., it may all be a pipe dream, but if we ever do, may The Lord truly help us.

To God be the glory.




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