Baphometic Age: Transhumanism: New Brain Computer Interface Technology: Steve Hoffman: TEDxCEIBS

I would not be surprised if over 99% of professing (true) Christianity is oblivious to what is going on out there. Perhaps this is a good thing (it can be a distraction), perhaps it’s not (this could be something we pray concerning).

One of my primary avocations involves neuroscience, cognitive psychology, nootropics (and other neuro/cognitive-enhancers), brain-hacks (and other aspects of tweaking/manipulating our often hidden mental inner-workings), etc.. I have been following discussions (often debates) concerning the ‘mainstream scientific’ views of the nature of human self-will, consciousness, cognition, perception, etc., for a couple of decades now — and things are changing — rapidly changing. The knowledge associated with such things, the scientific breakthroughs surrounding them, and even the admissions of mainstream neuroscience concerning them (human consciousness is not created by, or limited to, the physical brain; freewill, scientifically-speaking, is a myth; complexity exceeds our understanding of the natural mechanisms concerning it, etc.), is increasing at rates never before seen. What was once Sci-Fi is rapidly becoming, if not outright reality in our day, at least something that is increasingly being seen as feasible/realistic/even plausible, in the relatively near future.

Note, I’m not tying any of this into Revelations as some do (though I do wonder a bit about Daniel 2:42-43); I’m not making the argument that “chips are the mark of the beast” (I do not believe this to be the case at all); however, I do believe that we are entering into a very dark, very different world — one closely matching what many associate with the wickedness of the “days of Noah” — and I believe that this information is something worth monitoring — seeing that it will have massive implications for not only our perception of it, but our everyday reality itself.

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