Science: Remnant Genetics: Pacific Islanders May Carry The DNA of an Unknown Human “Species”

“Islanders in the Pacific Ocean may be may be carrying traces of a long lost human species locked up in their DNA. Today, modern humans inherit a small chunk of our genes from Neanderthals, with evidence that some of us carry the genetic remnants of a lesser known sister group, called the Denisovans…”

No …not a long lost human species but the remnants of our greater form in light of our current devolutionary course. These types of articles place the matter upside down… reality is the opposite of what they portray it to be. Humans were once more genetically diverse and robust than we are now. When we read of groups with ‘unique’ genes, unusual genetically-based abilities, etc., it isn’t because ‘modern’ mankind evolved up from lesser forms of humanity, with those lesser-form-based genes remaining in remote populations. Instead, we are discovering here and there, in those select populations, remnants of that superior, more diverse antediluvian genetic form.

Similar to how all dogs are dogs but vary in phenotype, etc.. all humans are humans, whether Neanderthal, Homo Sapien Sapien, Cro-magnon, Denisovan, or some yet to be discovered (rediscovered) grouping. Think of a Chihuahua; it is through the loss of genetic diversity, not the gain thereof, that it looks the way it does. The same goes with a dachshund, or a pug, or any other type; each distinct breed highlights certain aspects of the original prototype’s genetic code. Through artificial selection (i.e. human intervention) we have the abundance of variation that we now have, all made possible by the dog’s wolf or wolf-like ancestor, which in turn was created by divine design. That ancestor carried the genetic information necessary to produce all of the breeds that we have today. However, the various breeds of today (amongst their own type) will never be able to produce (or reproduce) that ancestral canine progenitor form. Why? It is because the necessary genetic data simply isn’t there, it isn’t within their specific population anymore.

I get that humans are not canines, there are no breeds of humanity, but what ‘mainstream science’ calls different species of humanity, is nothing more than manifest examples of the full spectrum of the one, whole of (once greater, but nonetheless human) mankind. The Solomon Islanders carry remnants that differ from the Bajau people, who carry remnants differing from some in the area of Nepal, who likewise differ from the Basque people, who differ from the various aboriginal and Native American populations, etc. The whole of the genetic diversity of old has simply been dispersed throughout the various extant and extinct tribes, kindreds, and tongues of humanity.

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