Memory: Movies as Memory Devices by Santosh Desai

Excerpt from  Movies as Memory devices by Santosh Desai| March 19, 2018 | Times of India blog

A long long time ago, i saw a film called Ek Khiladi Baawan Patte. As a piece of information, this can be of no possible interest to anyone, nor is it particularly significant even for me. What strikes me is that i remember this. It was an utterly forgettable film, starring Dev Kumar, an actor unlikely to stir too many memories in anyone. But the memory of seeing it is vivid- it was in a place called Jetpur in Gujarat about forty years ago. The memories include not just the film, but also the theatre, the fact that one saw the film several times over, because the uncle I was visiting was the local police head which meant that one could pretty much stroll in and out of the theatre as one pleased. There are other memories attached to the film, but to inflict any more tedium on the reader would be cruel. The point is that an utterly forgettable film was surprisingly quite memorable as an overall experience.” Click HERE for the rest of the article.

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