Jesse Gistand: Sermons on Joseph

Pastor Jesse Gistand: Sermons on Joseph

Joseph The Forerunner and Revelation of Joseph Parts 1 & 2

Pastor Jesse Gistand

GistandAudio sermons

This series of sermons, as with his others, constitute something very rare in our day. These sermons evidence the utter benefit of bringing the full counsel of God. When messages are absolutely Christ-centered and yet still reveal to us the typological, experimental, and life-applicable aspects of Scripture, we have (as the Lord uses and blesses) truly edifying material. When bringing home all aspects of a verse or passage (within reason of course), without deviating from, negating, or undermining the central focus of the word, which is The Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, you end up with a holistic message, a well-rounded message, a non-hobby-horsed message, and you have that which both points us to Christ and allows us to see the way in which we should walk in Him, albeit all as God enables. I truly hope these sermons will edify you as they have me; to God be the glory.

Sermon links (to listen):


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