God, Please Don’t Be A Gentleman

God, Please Don’t Be A Gentleman

The Arminian God: A Wolf in Gentleman’s Clothing

Not So GentleWolf

Wolf in Gentleman’s Clothing

As I was driving home this evening, listening to the radio, I heard the statements of a man named Ron Jones (an apparent four-point Calvinist / Calminian “pastor, church planter, and radio Bible teacher”). The statement that caught my attention was “[God] is a gentleman, he won’t force his way into a lukewarm heart.”

If, for a season, my heart grows cold, dull, slothful, hard, or (God forbid) lukewarm; I pray that God refrains from being a gentleman. I pray that He will instead be as fervent, forceful, and abrupt as He deems necessary to turn me back unto Him.

I firmly believe that when God saves a sinner, He shows them their utter need for Him and their utter inability to do any good apart from (a) vital union with Him and (b) His effectual working. There is no turning, repentance, conversion, renewal, or any other such thing, unless Christ, as the stronger man, binds the strong man of our indwelling sin. I don’t need a “gentleman saviour;” what I want and need is an actual Lord, King, Prophet, High Priest, Everlasting Father, Elder Brother, Husband (to the elect church), and (a most-faithful, true, and honest) Friend. Spare me a God who is “too gentlemanly” to save, or to deliver, or to rule without me first having to ‘let him rule’ or without me having to first do something myself, as a prerequisite, before he is ‘allowed’ to act.

If a person disagrees, whether they call themselves reformed, Calvinist, or otherwise, that is their choice. But what shared experience do we have; what common need and salvation do we share, if they can rest in a God who doesn’t change their will when such a change is vitally necessary for the eternal well-being of their souls? I seek to rest in a God who will ever-change my will so that it all the more conforms to His own. Blind leaders of the blind will compromise, speak peace, water down their message, but what they will not do (unless the Lord intervenes on their behalf – if they are elect) is see their desperate need for a truly sovereign, truly omnipotent, Intercessor and Lord. They need to see and understand that God is the First-cause, and Sole-supplier, of all that is needful for a saved-by-grace-sinner’s soul.

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