Two: One Fake, the Other True, Only One Will Stand

Two: One Fake, the Other True, Only One Will Stand

By Curt Wildy

In Light of a Recent Discussion

There are only two; there is the false god of freewill religion, who comes in many forms and under many names and guises, but who is nothing more than an imaginary idol. Then there is the God of the Bible, even the True and Living God, the one bringing free and sovereign grace, and who is both a Just God and a Saviour. One god is a counterfeit who cannot save and the other is a God who saves His own to the utmost. One god is a false refuge; those who die trusting in it will be eternally damned.  The other God is a sure shelter from the eternal, fiery storm, and all of His elect will persevere unto eternal glory by His strength. One god is a figment of the vain imagination of men; the other God overcomes the vain imagination of His elect and causes them to have right and just thoughts concerning Him. One god exists to serve the bellies of his will-worshiping creators; the other God gives existence (spiritual life) to those dead in trespasses and sin — enabling them to serve Him, and worship Him, both in Spirit and in Truth. One god loves everyone and sends millions of those whom he loves to hell; the other God saves all whom He loves and, both in and with himself, guarantees them an eternity of heavenly bliss. One god, being an abject failure for countless millions, died for everyone; the other God saves everyone for whom He shed his blood and delivers them with a mighty, eternally-victorious hand. One god loves your “free will” and wouldn’t do anything to undermine it; the other God is no such fool, He overrides the carnal will of His people by giving them a new heart, one that He indwells, and one in which He causes them to both will and do of His good pleasure.

I could go on regarding the difference between the fraud and the True, but at this point, I doubt that I can make it any clearer than I already have. Nonetheless, I will leave you with this… if you could hear your god before he first gave spiritual life and spiritual ears unto you; if you could seek your god before he first sought, found, and (unto himself) irresistibly drew you; if you could choose your god before he first, even in Christ and from eternity, chose you; if you could believe in your god before he first wrought true, divinely-given faith in you; if you could accept your god before he, from eternity, made you acceptable in him; if you could turn to your god before he first, through the free and sovereign gift of repentance, arrested and turned you; if you could obey your god before he first worked the will to do His good pleasure in you; if you could follow your god before he revealed your spiritually-dead-in-trespasses-and-sin, infinitely-helpless, hell-worthy state to you; if you could stray from your god and find him helpless to keep, uphold, and maintain you; if you could do any or all of these things, then your god is an empty idol, a from-your-own-wicked-belly-devil, and he isn’t worth a beetle’s weight in dung. We do not worship the same God. To make this clearer I simply do not know how. I can wish you health in this life; I can value your presence concerning things carnal and temporal; there can even be an affinity between us in the fleeting things of this life; but there is no religious unity, no spiritual kinship, no common hope of glory, no shared heavenly Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Unless God does for you what you cannot do for yourself, unless the Lord turns you from your idol and causes you to believe in Him, then you are without hope; your current spiritual state can be summed up as an eternally-dead man walking. Whatever hope you think you have is an illusion, a lie, even a strong delusion, a working of error.

This troubles me, it causes me to pause and consider my own self and family; it causes me to fear God all the more with a godly fear. Your state could have been mine; there is no natural difference between us. There is no fooling God; He knows those who are His and He will not tolerate feigned worship and affection. It is in the Lord’s hands; if it is His will, He will most assuredly quicken and turn you… but this will be the case only if it is His will… as to “getting saved” or “remaining saved” it has nothing to do with yours. Until He teaches you this, not academically, not philosophically, but in the core of your being and experience, your religion will remain a lie. Rather than prepare a rebuttal, and fall deeper into the devil’s deceptive pit, why not cry out to God and ask Him to teach you the Truth. Your asking won’t do it — again, it’s not about your will, but who knows what mercy God will bestow upon you while there is still breath in you. It may very well be that He moves you to cry out to Him for understanding and mercy, as the first evidence of a good work He has sovereignly begun in you. Who can tell what the Lord will do? But I can assure you of this; you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Your eternal life depends on Him! not the imaginary idol you have crafted, but on Him alone.

To God be the glory.

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