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New Page: "The Gospel Difference"

New Page: “The Gospel Difference” By Curt Wildy I’ve added a page that both defines the Gospel and covers the main arguments and counter-arguments associated with freewill counterfeits. I hope it is useful… the PDF option may be easier for some to read. May God strengthen and uphold all that are is. Sincerely, Curt

Some Thoughts On Doctrine

Some Thoughts On Doctrine Doctrine, transliterated as didaskaliva (Strong’s G1319), literally means: teaching, instruction, that which is taught, and precepts. Whether we are speaking of the doctrines of grace, the Doctrine of Christ, or the Gospel, we are speaking of the same essential precepts that God reveals to His elect concerning salvation. Those who say that…

God’s Will or Man’s Will?

God’s Will or Man’s Will? Throughout the history of Christianity, there has been a vigorous conflict between Christians (those who have been saved by the free will and sovereign grace of God), and those within Christendom who profess Christ, but who really partake in will-worship (as the Holy Spirit, through the Apostle Paul, calls it…