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Scientists Investigate Health Benefits Of Music, Rhythm and Movement (by Sorcha Pollak)

Excerpt from Scientists Investigate Health Benefits Of Music, Rhythm and Movement by Sorcha Pollak | The Irish Times | Tue, Jan 14, 2014, 01:00 NUI Maynooth has announced its involvement in a €3 million EU-funded project investigating whether music and rhythm can help improve mobility. The project, known as BeatHealth, will examine both patients with…

How Dancers Think When They Dance (by David Kohn)

by David Kohn | photo by Toni Gauthier

Neuroscientists haven’t really explored how movement and thought interact, largely because it’s hard for anyone to leap, twist and turn while lying flat in an MRI tube, or connected to a tangle of wires. But with the help of new mobile brain imaging technology, a Maryland researcher now has the beginnings of an answer.

Psychological Benefits of Rhythm (by Heleniq Argyrou M.A.)

Excerpt from Psychological Benefits of Rhythm by Heleniq Argyrou M.A. “…the drum has been used since time immemorial as a regular part of healing traditions…” (Klower, 1997) Emotional and creative expression: develops and encourages expression of all kinds of experience non-verbally; then enhances creative self-expression; develops creativity. Emotional release: helps us let go of troubled…