Baphometic Age: “Genome damage from CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing higher than thought” [Science Daily]

Will We Heed The Warning?

Doubtful… all of the priming, all of the academic and media indoctrination (predictive programming) of the last nearly one-hundred years, is designed to make us comfortable with the notion that human modification (what academia calls Trans-humanism, the controlled “evolution” of mankind via nanotechnology, gene-editing, advanced pharmaceutical cocktails, etc.) is not only in our inevitable future, but it will be the “new norm” therein (at least for those who can afford it for themselves and for their children).

Many in our modern society cannot help but think that androids and other forms of A.I. (even those capable of human-type feelings and emotions); “designer babies,” mutated/engineered/”further-evolved” humans, cybernetic organisms, etc. are an almost guaranteed aspect of our (near, or faraway), future. Though exaggerated (with God-like powers, amazing “transforming” abilities, quirky personalities, etc.), we see year after year, movies and television shows containing such things — it isn’t just “entertainment” / it is conditioning. We are nearing a time when Chimaeras (genetic/machine-based hybridization) will abound; it has already been going on for decades now, albeit on a small scale. Though such things may never reach the degree popularised in modern film/TV, sci-fi novels, or in the ancient myths of old, such things will be manifested in a manner that is very likely to challenges moral, ethical, and I believe even spiritual boundaries.

Click to see the full Science Daily article.

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