Communion with God: A.W. Pink On Proper Priorities

“The natural man has no desire for communion with God, for he places his happiness in the creature. He prefers everything before Him and glorifies everything above Him. He loves his own pleasures more than God. His wisdom being “earthly, sensual, devilish” (James 3:15), the celestial and divine are outside of his consideration. This appears in man’s works, for actions speak louder than words. Our hearts are to be gauged by what we do, and not by what we say. Our tongues may be great liars, but our deeds tell the truth, showing what we really are.”

~ Arthur Pink, “The Doctrine of Human Depravity”

The sad reality is that this issue of improper focus, and improper priorities, isn’t limited to the unregenerate. Right hearing, heart-work, and doing, is not something to be neglected. One of my biggest laments is the amount of distraction, the amount of cares for this world, that I have entertained. There is no greater gift for a Christian, experimentally-speaking, than the gift of having an eye single on God (in Christ), His word, His Kingdom, and His glory.  My prayer is that God will set His people, more and more and more, apart for His holy use, and apart from the vain things of time and sense. May He indeed make His servants, His slaves, faithful, obedient, loving, and thankful ones…. even though we are but dust by nature.

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