Hermeneutics/Exegesis: Our Opinions Do Not Matter

…when it comes to biblical issues. Rarely are doctrinal disputes adequately addressed by mere assertions; everything should be backed by Scripture (accurately and contextually quoted) even if it’s just with one verse, to start.

I’m not saying you always have to be right (I know I’m not) but what I am saying is that Christians, real or professing, should not just throw assertions out there, and expect them to be believed/accepted. The goal is to edify, to build up, via the word. The biblical pattern is ‘as it is written’ or “so says the Lord.’ This gives us common, biblical ground upon which to proceed so that we aren’t engaging one another based upon our collective myriad of ever-changing personal feelings, notions, emotions, proclivities, experiences, traditions, etc.

Sadly, near daily, I see it played out where solid, scripturally-based precepts are refuted with pretty much… NOTHING… except one’s uninformed notional/emotional outbursts. If you can’t back up your stance with a single verse at least (or even an accurate paraphrase of one), it’s best to remain silent. False doctrine abounds in our day because people want to “be heard,” or “affirmed,” or because they want to “know that their opinions count.” This modern, progressive mindset of ‘personal affirmation by declaring one’s “truth”‘ is a cancer eating away at the manifest health of the church. We have to remember that it’s not about YOU, it’s not about ME, it’s not about US; instead, it’s about the glory of God and the reverencing of His holy word. We must take this seriously; if we can’t, we should hold our tongue.

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