Biblical Separation: Arrogance or Adamance? Prudence or pride?

The linked article is perhaps the best write-up I’ve seen on the subject of rightly judging others, naming names, and disfellowshipping where required:
We must distinguish between (1) boldness and adamance and (2) being unkind and unloving. The Apostles did not tolerate hereticks and we shouldn’t either. Paul, as our example, stated in Galatians 2:5 “…To whom we gave place by subjection, no, not for an hour; that the truth of the gospel might continue with you.”
In Romans 16:17 he states “Now I beseech YOU, brethren, MARK THEM [skopeō; fix your eyes upon them, “scope them out,” “place optics upon them;” note their presence and take heed concerning them] WHICH CAUSE DIVISIONS [e.g. unrepentantly promoting charismatic error, annihilationism, (true) antinomianism, (true) legalism, female pastors/preachers; freewillism, sacramentalism, modalism, arianism, etc.] AND OFFENCES [slandering, falsely witnessing and accusing, unjustly maligning/misrepresenting, stealing, abusing, refusing to work, engaging in open grievous sin, associating unrepentantly with hereticks and offenders (see 1 Corinthians 6), etc.] contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and AVOID THEM [ekklinō; deviate from their path/presence/position; shun them; decline from interacting with them; eschew them; go out of the way to avoid them — not my word choice but God’s].
We shouldn’t be quick to do this; we shouldn’t enjoy it; we should take much time to reason with them. However, if they refuse to hear, we are COMMANDED to depart from them until they repent. This is not my call but God’s.
[Caveat: Not an endorsement of the site, just the article, I know nothing of the website as a whole].

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