And women who were virgins on their wedding night were the least likely to get divorced, according to the study. It found only five per cent of women who had zero sexual partners had marriages that ended in divorce. Professor Wolfinger explained the findings by noting that one of the most common reasons for abstinence before marriage was for religious reasons. He said women who marry as virgins were far more likely to attend church at least once a week. ‘These findings make sense in light of the fact that people who attend church frequently have lower divorce rates than do non-participants,’ he added.

Note: Which came first the chicken or the egg? Do “people who attend church frequently have lower divorce rates than do non-participants” simply because they go to church, or is it more likely that (1) as virgins (with a higher virgin population within many church settings) they are better able to pair-bond, and/or (2) the biblical morals/principles/precepts make it more likely for (many though obviously not all) church-going people to live and act in a manner that increases the likelihood of successful pair-bonding despite their prior sexual interactions? I believe that virginity is a vital factor despite the reality that non-virgins marrying, within a church setting, are more apt to have successful marriages (the pair-bonding becomes easier but, I trust, not nearly as easy as it is amongst virgin couples). Just a thought…

Click Number of sexual partners could determine how likely you are to DIVORCE | DailyMail for the entire article.

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