This is a link to another resource that proves that the Bible is, indeed, a Flat Earth (affirming) Bible. It was written by Paul H. Seely and published in the Westminster Theological Journal 53 (1991) 227-40. WTJ 53 (1991) 227-240. The link should not be taken as a blanket endorsement of the site, author, Westminster Theological Journal, or the associated seminary. Though the author rejects the precept that the Bible definitively proves a flat earth cosmology, he basically argues that the Bible was written in such a way as to appear to affirm such a cosmology, as a means of accommodating the weakness and/or ignorance of the people of that age. I reject this notion and firmly believe that the Bible is not only written in such a way as to appear to affirm the Flat Earth Cosmology, but that it straight-out affirms and proves a flat, domed, geocentric, stationary world system.

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