We live in a cursed world; sin has introduced all manner of ugliness and vileness. The wrath of God against sin brings forth calamity after calamity. Yet even in this cursed state, there is no shortage of beauty. There is beauty in faces, beauty in places, beauty in poem, and prose, and dialogue. We can look at landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes; we can look at the sun, the moon, and the stars; we can look at architecture, the wonders of technology, and human craftsmanship; we can look at artistically create textiles, jewelry, and clothing; we can look at the mountains, the rivers, the canyons and ravines; we can look at the various plants, oceanic life, and the animals that inhabit the earth and sky; we can look at painting, sculpture, drawing, and photograph; we can look at so many things, differing and varying, that one would have to be completely blind (and I do not mean visually) to not see all of the beauty about us. Even as I write this, I think of smiles, I think of the young of animals, I think of infants and toddlers, and even of older people when joy cannot help but burst forth from their faces. But it isn’t all sight-based. What of the feel of the sun on your skin on a cold day, even the warmth of it? What of the cooling water when swimming in the heat? Or a refreshing breeze on an otherwise stagnant day? What of the sound of the rain, the sound of music, the sound of a voice that comforts you; or laughter? There is so much more, so much that can be added, so much beauty in this cursed world. The highest form of beauty in this world is that felt sense of communion with God, first and foremost, and with His people; that joy in His salvation in general, but particularly when communicated amongst brethren unto the delight and encouragement of the Body. There is immense beauty in exhorting and edifying one another for what more beautiful an edifice, what finer work of divine craftsmanship is there, than the body of believers built up and conformed together unto the image of Christ.

If this world can hold such delights, think of what Heaven must be like with no taint whatsoever of sin and corruption.  Think of all of the wonders for eye to behold, ear to perceive, and all other senses to apprehend. There are things we cannot even imagine; things so full of awe we cannot even possibly conceive whilst in this body of death. Yet wonders and worlds combined cannot come close to the glory, the magnificence, of the Saviour who is our Heaven. To behold Him, and the Godhead of whom He is the fullness bodily, is too much to take in. To be able to sit with, worship, and adore —sin free— the Lord who created us, and saved us, and now glorifies us in Himself is beyond words. To be spared hell is an infinite, infinite, mercy. But to spend all eternity with our Lord, how unfathomably richer a mercy is that. May God put it on our hearts all the more to long after Him, keep Him in our sights, with an eye single upon His glory.

To God is all honour due.

Curt Wildy.

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