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The Science Behind Intuition: Kelly Turner Ph.D.: Psychology Today

“Why you should trust your gut. Almost every Radical Remission cancer survivor I’ve studied used their intuition to help make decisions related to their healing process. Research on intuition and following your ‘gut’ instinct may explain why…” To read the rest of the article, click: The Science Behind Intuition | Psychology Today

Intuition May Reveal Where Expertise Resides in the Brain: Scientific American

“Our ability to provide rapid, accurate answers engages a small area in the brain’s basal ganglia, a hub for learning and automatic behaviors…Sometimes a solution just appears out of nowhere. You bring your multipage spreadsheet to the finance department, and within seconds the accountant tells you something isn’t quite right without being able to say…

The Neurological Basis of Intuition – Neurophilosophy

“Most of us have experienced the vague feeling of knowing something without having any memory of learning it. This phenomenon is commonly known as a “gut feeling” or “intuition”; more accurately though, it is described as implicit or unconscious recognition memory, to reflect the fact that it arises from information that was not attended to,…