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Politics: Language: Words Have Meaning – “Gender”

Introduction Let’s keep this as simple as possible so no one can mistake what is being said. If anyone tells you that there are more than two genders, or that gender (as it relates to human beings) does not directly pertain to sex, they are either deceived, disingenuous, or delusional. The deceived can be aided…


“…Surprisingly, the people taking part in the study were pretty accurate when it came to spotting the narcissists just from their eyebrows.

Participants were given photos of people who had been given the Narcissistic Personality Inventory – a widely-used test that identifies various levels of grandiose narcissism. Some of the photos were of narcissists, some weren’t – and participants were asked to pick out who was who.
Cara Delevingne is known for h…Getty Images
Cara Delevingne is known for her distinctive brows – although we’re not saying she’s a narcissist!

Once they’d done that, they were then given the same pictures with all of the eyebrows photoshopped out (which sounds more ‘freaky’ than ‘fleeky’). Suddenly, they were stuck – they couldn’t identify who the narcissists were anymore…”

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