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Cognition: Words & Magick: Words Truly Have Meaning… And Power

Introduction: On words and their overt/covert meanings: The line between aspects of what some call magick and what some call psychology (especially as it relates to the use of words to influence, inculcate, manipulate, or “manifest” (as with Neuro-linguistic Programming, Neuro-association, etc.) can be rather thin. Simply put, words have far more power than we…

“…However, when an individual chooses to engage in casual sex, breaking bond after bond with each new sexual partner, the brain forms a new synaptic map of one-night–stands. This pattern becomes the “new normal” for the individual. When and if the individual later desires to find a more permanent partner, the brain mapping will have to be overcome, making a permanent bond more difficult to achieve. Often the individual is not aware that the brain has adapted to the behavior pattern and he/she begins to think, “That’s just the way I am”, further reinforcing the pattern. “


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