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Diet: Cognitive: Increasing Attention Span and Focus: Dr. Berg: YouTube

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to increase attention span, focus, and concentration. There’s a part of the brain called the limbic system which has something to do with emotions, behavior, and memory and it has a part called hippocampus(which has to do with memory, focus, and concentration) and amygdala (stress and fear).…

…For the first time, I consciously started thinking about my eating behaviour and began reading up on genetics, metabolism, diets and obesity. Although I had read around the topic for a while, I had done so selectively. Now, I began to explore the 95% of the research to which I had turned a blind eye. I came across the term “fatlogic” on Reddit and it immediately resonated with me. The term doesn’t mean “fat people’s logic”, but refers to the complex grab bag of supposedly medical facts, well-meaning advice, homegrown ideas and fantasies that make losing weight not only difficult, but impossible.

I don’t consider myself stupid or naive. I have always been the kind of person who questions things; I have a doctorate, and an interest in science. But still I believed in so much fat logic, probably because I was always surrounded by it. I was told from an early age that our family had “fat genes” and that my metabolism was “broken” – which appeared to be corroborated by my own experiences….


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Researchers from the Mayo Clinic, for example, revealed that deriving most of dietary calories from carbohydrates was associated with an 89% increased risk for either mild cognitive impairment, or full-blown dementia. In their study, those consuming the highest levels of fat actually demonstrated a 44% reduction in risk.

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“Dr. Berg talks about the best remedy for viruses. Its called monolaurin. This compound comes from coconut oil. It is a concentrated version of lauric acid in coconut oil. It also helps with bacteria too. It’s great for chronic fatigue syndrome and mold complications. It’s effective against: H-pylori Chlamydia Shingles EBV Influenza MIRSA Herpes Fungus Strep and Staph”

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