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Sunburn: Apple Cider Vinegar: Turn Your Sunburn Into A Tan

“I was skeptical but desperate, so I dug out the ACV and plugged my nose. I combined a cup of cold water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the bathroom sink, and then dunked a facecloth in until it was soaked. Then, removing the excess water, I placed the (very cold) cloth against…

Screenshot from 2018-09-19 18-06-19“In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the relationship between hair loss and digestion. Biotin, one of the B vitamins, is also one of the key nutrients for hair health and growing hair. It is an essential helper factor for enzymes to help make proteins from amino acids. The microbes in the gut also makes B vitamins including Biotin. He also discussed about antibiotics on GMO foods. Antibiotics Effects: • Decreased amounts of friendly bacteria (Lessening the production of Biotin) • Increased of growth of another microbe that can’t make biotin called Lactobacillus Murinus…” Click Is Your Hair Loss Coming From Your Gut? – YouTube for the video