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Quick Tip: How to Write Faster and More Consistently:

  • Enter flow state
  • Write in sprints (writing without editing)


How Charles Dickens Fueled a World of Spontaneous Combustion Truthers | Mental Floss

“When Charles Dickens published this scene in December 1852—an installment from his serialized novel Bleak House—most readers swallowed it as fact. After all, Dickens wrote realistic stories, and he took great pains to render scientific matters like smallpox infections and neurological disorders accurately. So even though Krook was fictional, the public trusted that Dickens had portrayed…

Literature: Bleak House: The Plot Catches Fire by Sam Jordison

“So, reluctantly, we come to the end of Bleak House. After being immersed for so long, it feels like parting from an old friend. Wise, witty, hilarious, fantastic, mawkish, strange, wonderful Dickens. And who knew it was going to turn into such a scramble at the end? Such a tense, fast-moving drama? I didn’t –…

Audiobooks: The Weird, Obsessive World of Free DIY Audiobooks (John Adamian)

“I’ve spent the past year with strange voices in my head. Soothing, rich-voiced, strangers intermittently whispering, crying, yelling, and practicing terrible accents in my ear. This is because I discovered the weird world of LibriVox, a charmingly scrappy DIY community site dedicated to creating free audiobooks for public domain texts.” Click here for the rest…