Standard Caveat

My posts should not be deemed as a blanket endorsement of the source author, their other works, their products, their courses/training, etc. In fact, some sites may be otherwise non-beneficial in their content except for the information being shared — so please, use discretion. My site is aimed primarily at adults, particularly those with the ability to research, discern, and positively discriminate. I will take accurate information from most any source and relay it so long as I give an adequate caveat/warning. If 90% of their site/channel is bunk, but the video/article I share is spot on, I have no qualms about doing so (with some exceptions of course; I will not knowingly provide anything from a source promoting criminal/abusive/hateful/related activity). If you choose to look at other articles/videos from the organization/individual, at issue, it is at your own discretion.

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