Intelligent Discourse: Dear Easily Offended People: BeGinoRuss: YouTube

“The conversation about equality isn’t a competition. It’s not about who’s right it’s about what’s right. STOP SILENCE. let’s talk, it’s our first amendment. Not to say that things you say can’t or won’t offend ppl but silence is worse. The best thing about offensive material is the conversation it forces people to have. It makes adult brains work and move so that we can resolve instead of hide issues.”

My Note: Standard caveat applies regarding the speaker in the video but perhaps there is hope after all. For there to be, we would need more young men (and women) who think like this, as opposed to the soy boy mentality of everything being offensive, everything being inappropriate, everything being grounds to be triggered, hurt inside, etc. Look, I’m a multi-generationally-mixed, genetically 55%/45% Afro-European, High-Calvinist, Constitutional Libertarian, with INXP; 5w4 wing / 4w5 wing; water/metal; vata/pitta… etc. personality-type labels (basically, amongst the rarest found). I fit into very few moulds or boxes, often feel like an outsider/loner/maverick (but not a ‘minority’ in the liberal sense of the term), find few who agree with me on most things, and yet wouldn’t even think of entertaining the kind of weak-minded, soft-petal-flowered, misological, victimhood-status mindset that many modern men (especially liberal millennials) engage in now. It’s increasingly embarrassing to watch them regularly “Nellie Oleson” an otherwise intelligent conversation almost the minute they arrive and butt in.

So you see, this is why I get hyped by young people, and old, who still understand the importance of the free-marketplace of ideas, civil discourse, critical thinking, etc. Effective societies have always been heavily built upon the backs of strong men who value bravery, honesty, rationality, objectivity, ingenuity, productivity, industriousness, curiosity, daring, and so on — all the things that these modern cultural manipulators (i.e. progressives/leftists) desire to suppress in men; which is why we have to continually speak our minds soundly, defend our points deftly (think: solid apologetics), challenging the BS as it comes our way, and refusing to conform to this increasingly effete, feckless, prissy, and thoroughly confused world system that the libs seek to force upon us.

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