Books: Mystery: The Cinema Murder by Edward Phillips Oppenheim: Free at

This book was published in 1917. I thought about putting it down in the midst of the first chapter… even into the second; however, I’m glad I stuck with it. It is gritty, the moral responses are clearly questionable, but the overall storyline was interesting, especially from a psychological/sociological point of view. The novel illustrates why some who are down on their luck make the unsavoury choices that they do; shows the consequences of said choices; though perhaps not as fully as it could have (prefer not to give anything away, however).

Librivox/ Intro: “Phillip Romilly is a poor art teacher in London. He finds out that his wealthy cousin Douglas has been seeing his girl friend Beatrice behind his back. He strangles Douglas, throws him in the canal, and assumes his identity. Douglas had booked passage to America for the next day, so after a pleasant sea voyage Phillip arrives at the Waldorf Hotel in New York as Douglas Romilly. An hour after checking in he disappears again, and assumes yet another identity, one that his cousin had set up for himself. Douglas was facing massive financial problems, and he, too, had planned to avoid his problems by getting lost in the crowd in New York. Now, in chapter two….”

Source: The Cinema Murder by Edward Phillips Oppenheim – Free at Loyal Books

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