Biblical Flat Earth: Bill Nye [The Science, Falsely So-Called, Guy] Debunked

Biblical Flat Earth Truth

Bill Nye [The Science, Falsely So-Called, Guy] Debunked

I Timothy 6:20 “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane [and] vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:”

“Science falsely so called,” in our day, is becoming increasingly known as “scientism;” it is an anti-Christian faith-based system that is contrary to both God’s word and to true science. Scientism ignores the scientific method; it ignores what one can repeatedly and easily observe and test; it instead bogs people down with sophistry, propaganda, and lies. If you doubt this even for a moment, just consider Bill Nye “the Science Guy’s” arguments found here:, and see if they stand the test of clear and objective: observation, information gathering, measurement, and testing in light of the counter-arguments found below.

I-A. BILL NYE ARGUES: ‘Go to the seashore and figure out why you can’t see Spain from the east coast of North America. Or why you can’t see Louisiana from St. Louis when standing in the middle of the Mississippi River.’

I-B. TRUE SCIENCE ARGUES: Air density, atmospheric lensing, perspective (e.g. vanishing points) all clearly and accurately explain why you cannot see such great distances even on a flat earth. It’s a foolish question really, one much akin to asking “why can’t I see for miles during periods of dense fog.” Nonetheless, for clear, logical answers, I recommend watching the following in order [the first one should suffice but if you are not convinced, go on to 2 and 3, with 3 being in two parts]:

3. with

II-A. BILL NYE ARGUES: ‘Look at pictures from space where you see the earth is a sphere; these pictures are NOT faked.’

II-B. TRUE SCIENCE ARGUES: Bill Nye is either lying or grossly misinformed. NASA, itself, admits that all images of the “globe” earth, with the supposed exception of the 1972 (original blue marble) photo, are artificially created. If you doubt this, click the links below. Moreover, search for images of the “globe earth” when you have some time. A review of each globe image, when viewed from the original host source, will evidence that they are indeed CGI’d, photo-shopped, etc., seeing that they are almost always tagged with words like manipulated, compiled, assembled, etc. For clear proof, consider:


Note: THIS ONE IS A MUST HEAR (I love the very clear words (sic) “IT IS PHOTO-SHOPPED, BUT IT’S, IT’S HAS TO BE…”). NPR removed it from their Science Friday site (404 error —; I guess it got too hot for them since they clearly admit that all post 1972 “blue marble” images are artificially created. I tried using to locate a copy but it lacked the video (only the intro text to help identify it as the correct one — see Nonetheless, I did some sleuthing and found it here: (first entry titled “Creating Earth from Every Day is Science Friday”) — it is from (or stored/housed by?) the Colorado State University Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.




III-A. BILL NYE ARGUES: “The ability to travel with precision proves the earth is a globe; the complexity of navigation evidences a globe earth.”

III-B. TRUE SCIENCE ARGUES: In ancient times, people were able to navigate great distances using plane sailing, i.e., navigating precisely based upon a plane (flat earth) model, using plane trigonometry and not spherical trigonometry. Plane sailing was so reliable that it was deemed synonymous with “plain sailing” with either variation meaning sailing, traveling, going about in an easy, uncomplicated, and accurate or successful manner. Commercial (and other) flights, maritime shipping lanes, etc., can all quite easily, and quite reliably, go about using the flat earth model system. In fact, the very flight paths they choose often makes more sense on a FE map than on a GE map. Though this may seem hard to believe, consider the following:

1. [Circumnavigation and Time Zones]

2. [How airplanes really navigate; on a side note, regarding the Admiral Byrd interview reference, see the actual interview here: – however, I am not an infinite planer, I believe in a biblical enclosed model, though acknowledge the possibility of additional land-masses per Byrd’s testimony, etc.]

3. [Music may be annoying, may be hard to follow, but stick with it… it details why current flights make more sense on a FE model]

4. [more on why current flights make more sense on a FE model]

5. [plane sailing/trigonometry in play]

6. [More on the “problem” of southern flights]

IV-A. BILL NYE ARGUES: Earth casts a shadow on the moon and that shadow is always curved.

IV-B. TRUE SCIENCE ARGUES: The 12 degree differential per day (between the sun and moon) explains the moon phases.


2. [some unfortunate language but the point being made is a good one]

3. [covers sun, moon, and stars so skip to the moon section if need be]

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