God Is Merciful

God Is Merciful

I had a neck (cervical) procedure done recently, so I am limiting my posts to smaller entries for the time being… which is probably a good thing given how wordy I can be. Nonetheless, one thing that was heavy on my mind throughout the day today was the unfathomable mercy of God. Knowing what a wretch I am by nature and how doubtful and unbelieving I am (especially regarding matters of providence), it just amazes me to think that God could show mercy to one such as me — and not just me, but a countless multitude of likewise undeserving sinners.

I was thinking that if God saved us from the wrath to come, and left us to struggle through the fiery trials of this life without Him, with no hope of eternal glory… just annihilation, it would still be an unspeakable mercy. To be spared the sheer agony of eternal hellfire is merciful enough and well worth enduring anything that comes our way in this life. But to think that God not only saves us from eternal wrath, but He walks with us and upholds us throughout all of our trials and tribulations… how amazing is that! To think that no matter what we go through, He is there and He works all things for our good… what a beautiful Lord indeed.  We cannot even begin to rightly contemplate the fulness of the riches of His grace.

Yet, He does not stop there! Not only does He spare us the cup of His indignation, and not only does He uphold us in this life, but He declares that eternal life, not annihilation, is the inheritance of His people. He sees fit to bestow upon us His mercy — not for decades, not for millennia, not for some other finite period of time (no matter how long it may be) — but for eternity. He has deemed it wise and good to share ETERNITY with us. The love of the Father for the Son, and the faithfulness of the Son towards the Father, has made it so that we can be with them, by the effectual working of the Holy Spirit, forever.

Can you imagine? Forever to look upon our God and Saviour. Forever to walk with Him and hear His words. Forever to be amazed at Him and His wondrous works. Forever to serve Him and praise His holy name. FOREVER! God’s eternal love saved us from one end of the eternal spectrum (eternal damnation) and takes us all the way to the other end (eternal glory and salvation). Christ did not just save us a little — He saved us to the utmost. No sorrow, no weakness, no pain, no doubts and fears — just utter and complete fulness in Christ. 

Knowing the wonders of God, His mercy and long-suffering, His great love; knowing all of these things, may it be that we pray for a heart that more abundantly seeks His glory, His honour, and His majesty as Sovereign over our lives. May our walk be conformed all the more to the image of His Son. May we know experimentally that as He is, so are we, in this world. May we seek to love Him all the more and to share His greatness with others as He enables.

To God alone be the glory… forever.

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